DeLuxe Company BOURBAKIS I. & SIA EE based in Lamia “Industrial Area” covers a wide range of services related to the cleaning needs.
In 1990, it started its successful course in the market of Central Greece and, from 2000 until today, it gradually expanded and became established in the Greek market.
Today, with staff of 18 people and eight vehicles, we serve more than 700 stores throughout Greece.
Our company is inseparably linked with the high quality ISO 9001 certified services in the fields of: cleaning – dyeing – repairs of fabrics, fur and leather garments as well as cleaning the quilts.
Our services are as follows: Cleaning of Leather Clothes, Dyeing of Leather Clothes, Cleaning of Luxury Clothes – Luxury Clothes – Toiletries – Wedding Dresses, Textile Cloth Dyeing, Leather Repairs & amp; Fabric Clothes, Cloth Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Service Machine – Technical Service.
In addition, our company is active in the field of commerce, having the ability to supply cleaning professionals with everyday basic consumer products at the most competitive market prices. The products we trade are: Cleaner Supplies, Dry & amp; Wet Cleaning and Dry Cleaning Parts.


Στοιχεία Εταιρείας:

  • Company Name: Bourbakis I. & ΣΙΑ Ε.Ε.
  • Address:  ΒΙ. ΠΕ Λαμίας, Lamia, 35100, P. of Fthiotida
  • T. / Fax: +30 2231 068068
  • e-mail: